So where have I been?

So, when you look at the date from my last update (or just the picture of an indoor target), it’s pretty clear that I haven’t updated this blog in a while! It is May after all and my outdoor season has lasted quite a while already.
And then you may wonder “why haven’t you been shooting?” which forces me to reply; “I have been”.
See the thing about writing a blog is; that it is fun, I rather enjoy it to be honest, but… And here are the buts:
1. It takes time. Time is something that is in high demand in my life and it’s not always something I can give away freely (even though I would like to!).
2. It’s just not fun writing about things not going as planned.

I’m guessing that statement nr. 2 have now made you curios! I’ll make it short.
I competed at all the Danish national teams selection shoots for this years competitions and it didn’t go quite as planned. I struggled a lot and didn’t shoot anywhere near what I know I’m capable of. To make a long story short; the Danish level in women’s compound is a lot higher today than it used to be and bad scores just aren’t gonna cut it. I didn’t make the team for the internationals this year and let me tell you something:
Whoever said karma was a bitch, never met disappointment!

From one of the selection shoots.

Picture from one of the selection shoots

…I later got offered a spot on the team for the second world cup in Antalya, but due to the short notice there was no way I could make the necessary plans with my school and I had to turn the offer down.
Guess it was a good thing though! The Danish team is leaving this weekend to go to Antalya and I have been sick for exactly a week today (it’s thursday incase you are wondering). How good a preparation would that have been for a world cup?!

Are you still reading?
I’m impressed! Well you don’t have to stick with me for much longer, I think I’m running out of things to say (or complain about). Now I just can’t wait to get completely over this whole illness thing and get a certain part of my body back on the practice field!

Shoot straight guys!


New PB!


Last night I shot another evening competition hosted by my club. It turned out to be great! I have been doing a lot of physical training and my practice results have suffered as a result, but last night everything worked perfectly. I managed to shoot a new competition PB of 580 and win the women’s compound category!

Now I just have regionals and nationals left before outdoors can really start! 

Back in the game!

Back in August I started in university-college to do my bachelor degree, something I am extremely happy about, but it have meant that I am now really busy (and have been since I began)! So while adjusting to my new every day life I hit the brakes on archery. During the autumn I only shot one competition and only because it was my last one as a junior and it simply had to be done!
Now though I have been to not only one but two competitions in the last few weeks and I thought an update was overdue.

The 20th of January my club hosted an indoor evening competition and it certainly went beyond my expectations. Not having practiced a lot and in general feeling out of shape, combined with the poor light on the targets, I had set the bar for expectations fairly low.
I ended up shooting 574 (289-285), which for me is a decent score that I was definitely pleased with! Furthermore it was enough to actually win the compound women category. (It sure felt like a good way to get back in the game.)

On the 1st of February I went to a fairly big competition (for Danish standard of course) in Hillerød. After six good arrows to start out with (58), I completely to forgot how to shoot a bow. I had some pretty frustrating ends and the long waiting time, in between getting to shoot, made it difficult to find a good shooting rhythm. In the end of the first half I managed to pick myself up a bit though and landed on a 283. Second half came off to a much better start and as a whole my shots just felt a whole lot better. After shooting a steady 288 I had a total of 571 and was in second amongst all compound women.
After the qualification we had to shoot finals. I started out with a bye and then won my 1/4 final with an okay score (142 I believe). I then had to shoot my semi final and here I struggled, even more than in the first match, with what I like to call the “close to and almost” syndrome. I shot a 139 with only one arrow outside the recurve ten… I have to say it is almost impressive how many arrows you can get close and yet, still not get in. I did also have one arrow where we called the judge in a moment of insanity. The judge called it out even though we later agreed we both thought it was in. Had I lost with just one point this would have been quite upsetting, but I’ll be honest! That was not the case.
So that wrapped up my day, due to the fact no bronze medal matches were shot.

All in all some results I am pleased with and another couple of competitions I have learned from. And to finish off this long ramble I just want to say that it feels pretty damn good to now shoot the scores at competition that I last winter could only manage in practice.

til blog

Hello world!

Welcome to my site!
I better start this site out by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Ida and I’m a 21-year-old compound archer for the Danish national team.

I first started my archery career when I was 10 years old. I tried it at a Christmas event in the local club where my older brother shot, after that I was hooked!  After just one month I decided that I wanted to shoot compound and after two months I changed from recurve to compound and never looked back.

Since then I have been a member of the Danish National Youth team, from 2009-2014 where I have competed at several international events. In 2014 I also kicked off my senior career on the Danish National team and as of this year I am no longer a youth archer so now it’s all about senior!

I hope you will enjoy keeping up with what happens in my little world of archery.